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ITC36 Java Programming with JFC and Swing in Java2

July 25, 26 & 27, 2000

This beginner-to-intermediate level course is intended for Java programmers with Java 1.1 experience to learn GUI programming with Swing components and Java Foundation Classes (JFC) of Java2 and implementations of JFC services in Java programs. Topics include the design concepts of Swing components, various Swing components and their programming, various JFC services and their implementations, and Java support for accessibility and its implementation.

The course is organized in three parts: Swing components, JFC services, and Java Accessibility, and consists of 14 hands-on labs. There is a pre-lab tutorial and a step-by-step programming instruction for each lab.


This course assumes that the student:

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Course Content and Schedule

Day One

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Day Two

More details on Day 2

Day Three

More details on Day 3


Programming with JFC by Weiner and Asbury, Wiley Computer Publishing, 1998.


Weichang Du is an associate professor at the University of New Brunswick's Faculty of Computer Science. He has taught courses at the introductory, intermediate and advanced levels at the Fredericton and Saint John campuses of UNB for the past 10 years. He holds a PhD from the University of Victoria and is actively pursuing teaching and research in the areas of object-oriented technologies, software engineering, and parallel and distributed programming.



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