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Research at the Information Technology Centre

The ITC provides a means for researchers and UNB to interact with the ICT industry. Listed below are the interests of a number of faculty members. If your company can benefit from research in these or related areas, contact the ITC. We can arrange a meeting between your representatives and the researchers. Resulting research contracts are formally negotiated through the Office of Research Services who have extensive experience with such contracts, including arranging satisfactory agreement on IP ownership, licensing, etc.


Dr. Eric Aubanel Grid Computing, High Performance Computing, Parallel Processing
Dr. Virendrakumar Bhavsar Artificial Intelligence, Bioinformatics, e-Commerce, Parallel Computing
Dr. David Bremner Combinatorics, Convex Polytopes, Discrete and Computational Geometry, Optimization
Prof. Rodney Cooper Bio-Computing in Drug Design, Computer Security, Information Systems
Dr. Weichang Du Software Engineering and Development, Internet Computing, Service Computing, Distributed Computing, Mobile Computing, Knowledge Engineering and Systems
Dr. Gerhard Dueck Digital Design, Logic Synthesis, Reversible Logic
Dr. Patricia Evans Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Computational Complexity
Dr. Michael Fleming Artificial Intelligence, Automated Negotiation, Preference Elicitation, Decision Theory, Utility Theory, User Modeling, Mixed-Initiative Interaction
Dr. Ali Ghorbani Artificial Intelligence, Web Intelligence, Information and Network Security and Computational Trust, Adaptive Web Systems, Machine Learning
Dr. Kenneth Kent Embedded Systems and Software Engineering, Hardware/Software Co-design, Operating Systems, Reconfigurable Computing, Real-time Systems
Dr. Dawn MacIsaac Software Engineering, Health Information Systems
Dr. Andrew McAllister Legacy Information Systems, Software System Conversion and Migration
Dr. Bradford Nickerson Compiler Construction, Computer Graphics, Knowledge-Based Systems, Sensor Networks, Software Architecture, Spatial Data Structures and Algorithms
Dr. Przemyslaw Pochec Data Communications, Image Processing, Modelling Data Communications Systems, Stereo Vision Matching Algorithms
Dr. Wei Song Wireless Communications and Networking, Wireless Network Security, Data Mining Techniques for Healthcare Applications
Dr. Huajie (Harry) Zhang Machine Learning, Data Mining, Graphical and Probabalistic Models and Reasoning, Intelligent Systems

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