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  G. Nickerson
Professor Emeritus, University of New Brunswick, Faculty of Computer Science
P.O. Box 4400, Room ITC 314, Information Technology Centre
550 Windsor Street, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada E3B 5A3
phone: (506) 451-6970 fax: (506) 453-3566 E-mail:
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Research Activities

Brad Nickerson has an interest in algorithms and data structures for efficient search of multi-dimensional data. His current research activities in this area include data structures for large volumes of spatial data, data structures for combined text and spatial data, efficient algorithms for answering moving object queries and indexing of multimedia data.

He also has research interests in the general area of knowledge based systems. Areas being investigated include how to represent knowledge about spatial objects and spatial data in computer programs, natural language morphology representation to speed up text search, and a language for sensor webs (further information on this last item is here).


Some helpful suggestions for planning research and writing scientific documents are here.


CS6345 Spatial Data Structures
CS4735 Computer Graphics
CS4905 Introduction to Compiler Construction
(all taught regularly up to and including 2013)

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