Selected Ph.D. Theses

  1. Riyanarto Sarno, 'Discrete Sampling Methods for Vector Monte Carlo Codes',
    August 1992. (The student was partially funded from Govt. of Indonesia)
  2. Brian J. d'Auriol, 'A Unified Model for Compiling Systolic Computations for Distributed Memory Multicomputers', August 1995.
    (The student was partially funded by NSERC, Ottawa.)
  3. Aliakbar Ghorbani, 'Incremental Communication for Neural Networks',
    April 1996. ( The student was partially funded by Govt. of Iran.)
  4. Vithal N. Kamat, 'Inductive Learning with the Evolving Tree Transformation
    System', April 1996. (Funded by Commonwealth Scholarship, Ottawa.)