The Parallel/Distributed Processing Group (PRADIP) was established at U.N.B. since 1986 (earlier named as Supercomputers and Graphics Group) to foster research, development and training in all the aspects of the frontier technology of parallel and distributed processing, including:

System Software - parallel programming languages, compilers, optimizes, object oriented databases, and run-time support for vector computers, multi-processors and distributed memory (message passing) multicomputers.

Artificial Neural Networks and Learning Machines - industrial applications, efficient mapping of neural networks on parallel architectures.

Applications - applications of parallel/distributed computing to problems in high-speed solutions of radiation transport, computer vision, robotics, image processing, computer graphics and computational physics.

Parallel/Distributed Numerical Algorithms - Monte Carlo Methods, Eigenvalue Problems, Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, and Optimization.

Parallel/Distributed Processing Systems - Hardware development of parallel and distributed processing machines. Design of application specific VLSI for pattern recognition and linear algebra problems. Visualization - Visualization of parallel/distributed computations and systems.