Research and Development Projects

  1. Parallel Processing for Reconfigurable Learning Machines.
  2. Incremental Inter-node Communication in Neural Networks.
  3. Implementation of Artificial Neural Networks on Transputers.
  4. Image Processing and Pattern Recognition with Transputers.
  5. Systolic Processing on Message Passing Multi-computers.
  6. Two Indexical Parallel Programming Techniques.
  7. Parallel Programming Languages and Systems
  8. Parallel Algorithms for Eigenvalue Computation
  9. Molecular Dynamics Algorithms on Message Passing Multicomputers.
  10. Performance Analysis of Discrete Sampling Methods.
  11. Unicast and Broadcast in Midimew-based Multi-computer Systems.
  12. Industrial Applications of Neural Networks.
  13. Vector Processing of Fractal Algorithms.
  14. Systolic VLSI Arrays for Metric Pattern Recognition.
  15. Particle Transport on Vector Computers.
  16. Design and Analysis of Parallel Monte Carlo Algorithms.
  17. Graphics and Other Tools for Multi-transputer Systems.
  18. 3-D Visualization of Parallel Programs.