Selected MSc(CS)/ MCS Theses

  1. T.A. Tassou, 'Adaptation of a Monte Carlo Radiation Transport Code to Supercomputers', Jan. 1986.
  2. L.A. Lambrou, 'Pseudo-Random Number Sequences for Parallel Computers', Project, Feb. 1986.
  3. Riyanarto Sarno, 'Performance Modeling of Vectorized Monte Carlo Codes', Sept. 1988.
  4. Jaishree Balasubramanyan, 'A Historical Relational Database Management System', May 1989.
  5. Vincent Ming Chit Woo, 'Monte Carlo Codes and Vectorization Techniques', May 1989.
  6. Alain Tin Kin Wang, 'Some Program Structures and Vectorization Techniques', Oct. 1989.
  7. Nagarjuna Vangala, 'Vectorization and Visualization of Fractals', May, 1990.
  8. Chris Turner, "Parallel Implementations of Selected Image Processing Techniques', May 1993.
  9. John M. Abela, 'Topics in Evolving Transformation Systems', July 1994.
  10. Greg Meldrum, 'Parallel Processing of the Evolving Tree Transformation System', June 1995.
  11. Cyril Gobrecht, '3D Animated Debugger for Distributed Programs', June 1995.
  12. Sanjay Deshpande, 'On the Theory of (Low-Level) Vision', In Progress.
  13. Jagdis Sonti, 'An Object Oriented Distributed Fault Tolerant System' (The student was partially supported by Nortel (BNR), Ottawa.