12 B. Tech. (Electrical Engineering) final year projects at I.I.T. Bombay related to the graduate thesis topics given under Maters theses/projects supervised .


1. W.M. Babineau, H.D. Dykeman, 'The Heathkit Educational Robot'. Co-supervised by W.D. Wasson, April 1984. 

2. A.C.F. Choy, 'A Digitizer Interface to Terak', August 1984.

3. M. Zilbert, 'The Development of a File-Query Information Retrieval System for Image Data and a Filtering Application on Sequences of Images', (co-supervised by Dr. J.F. Boulter, DREV, Courcelette), August 1984.

4. L. Samarwickrama, 'The Design of a Minicomputer Network', December 1984.

5. P. Carr, 'Development of a Shift RAM', December 1984.

6. C.S. Stratton, 'Local area networking for flexible manufacturing systems'. (Co-supervised by Prof. D.J. Bonham, Mechanical Engineering, UNB), April, 1985.

7. C.Y. Lee, 'Monte Carlo Applications in Polymer Science', April, 1985.

8. M. Kervin, 'An Information System for the Department of the Environment', Aug. 1985.

9. D. Silk, 'Omegaface/Apple II Interface' with Prof. R. Langley, Surveying Engineering, April, 1986.

10. M. Gray, 'Emulation of a PDP-11 on a Bit-lice Computer System', April, 1986.

11. Cheng Pui Ling, 'Systolic Architectures and Their Applications', April, 1986.

12. K.S. Wong, 'The Software Development for a Microprocessor-based Controller for Commercial Heating System' (cosupervised by Prof. A.M. Sharaf, Dept. of Electrical Engineering), April, 1986.

13. William Jefferey Stewart, "Microcomputer Based Software Utilities for Signal Acquisition and Control", (Cosupervised by Prof. A.M. Sharaf, Dept. of Electrical Engineering), Dec. 1986.

14. Joseph Filek, "Implementation of a Micro VAX II Local Area Network" (Co-supervised by Ms. Emilia Sousa, IS Coordinator, Dept. of Transportation, Province of New Brunswick, Fredericton), Dec. 1986.

15. Daniel Melanson, "Emulation of a PDP-11 on the Texas Instruments 74AS-EVM8 BitSlice Evaluation Module", April 1987.

16. Paul Carroll, "Microprocessor-based Induction Heating System", (Co-supervised by Prof. A.M. Sharaf, Dept. of Electrical Engg.).

17. Gordie Noye, "Adapting a Monte Carlo Code to IBM 3090/180 VF", April 1987.

18. Dan Arsenault, "Data Acquisition Package on the IBM PC/XT for Hydrotechnical Engineering Applications". (Co-supervised by Dale I. Bray, Dept. of Civil Engg.), April 1987.

19.  Marc Levesque, "Design of a 4bit VLSI Processor", April 1988.

20. Ian MacEachern, ‘Neural Networks’, April 1996. 

21. Noel Derrah, ‘Parallel/Distributed File Systems’, April 1996.

22. Scott O'Donnell, "Distributed and Parallel Programming', April 1999.

23. Jay Buffett, ‘Performance Enhancements in Pipelines’, April 1999.

24. Martin Chisholm, ‘Very Long Dynamic Instruction Word – A Multi-threaded VLIW Architecture’, April 2000.

25. Peyman Imani, ‘A Web-based Disaster Recovery Planner’, co-supervised by Dr. Alex Lopez-Ortiz, April 2000.

26. Greg Davis, ‘Comparative Evaluation of Grid Software Systems,’ April 2001.

27. Daniel Lizotte, ‘Parallel Algorithms for Nonuniform Discrete Fourier Transforms,’ co-supervisor Dr. Eric Aubanel, April 2001.


1. Greg Graham, ‘The IBM SP2 Parallel Computing System’ April 2000.

2. Joseph Martin, ‘DiscMath II Intelligent Tutoring System: Visualization of Power Set Tutorial Implementation,’ April 2000.

3. Stewart A. Morrison, ‘Processor Architecture for the next Decade,’ April 2000.

4. Kamran Tufail, ‘Intelligent Software Agents,’ April 2001.

5. Abhi R. Kankanala, ‘Intelligent Agents in E-commerce,’ April 2001.


updated on February 27, 2002.