Recent Contracts



1991 NRC IRAP-L grant, Development of Hand-held Geographic Field Data Collector 1993 PDV Marina, Venezuela, research agreement (Modelling and Evaluation of a Land-Ship Communications Network), co-investigator, 1993 BIW Germany, contract (Printer Module for the SC/400), co-investigator 1994 BIW Germany, contract (Re-engineering the SC/400), co-investigator 1994 NBTEL, research agreement (VoiceMail Activity Monitor software for SOFTWORLD'94) 1995 NBTel, research agreement (Bill2000, user software package for corporate customer billing) 1996 Cygnus Technology Ltd., contract (Evaluation of an ATM-Based Satcom Link), co-investigator


1980 Development of fully-automated Lumber Tally and Production Monitoring Systems for sawmills in conjunction with New Brunswick sawmill operators (Model LTS-200). 1988 Development of semi-automated Log Tally Systems with hand-held Data Collectors for softwood forest industry (Models LOT-100, LUT-100S) 1990 Development of Hardwood Lumber and Log Tally Systems using hand-held Data Collectors, in cooperation with Engel Technology, N.H., USA (Models LOT-100H, LUT-100H). 1991 Development of Hand-held Geographic Field Data Collector with remote tally transfer using the cellular phone system for Dept. of Natural Resources, N.B. (Model GEO-100). 1992 Development of Windows-based Invoicing and Inventory program packages using GUI technology, for Canadian and US market (LOTINV). 1994 Development of 'Truck Loader Assist', a Case and Rule -based Expert Systems program package to optimally load trucks with lumber blocks for NB lumber industry (TLA-100).


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