Selected Recent Publications
Bernd J. Kurz


Papers in Refereed Journals

Al-Zoman, Dedourek, Kurz: Modelling Cellular Radio Channels
  for Asynchronous Data Transmission, International
  Journal of Modelling and Simulation, IASTED, Anaheim, 
  Calgary, Zurich, Vol.17, N0.1, March 1997, pp. 1-5

Harjoko, Kurz: Design of an Optimal Target for 3D Position
  and Orientation Estimation, Int'l. Journal of Microcomputer 
  Applications, ISCA, Anaheim, Calif., submitted January 1996

Papers in Refereed Conference Proceedings

Harjoko,  Kurz:  Design  of  Optimal Targets  for  Computer
  Vision, Modell., Simulation and Identification  MSI'92,
  IASTED, UBC, Vancouver, Aug 1992, pp. 80-85

Al-Zoman, Dedourek, Kurz: A Study of Data Communication over
  Non-Conventional  Channels, Proc. APICS, Halifax, Nov
  1992, pp. 78-87

Harjoko, Kurz: Pose Estimation with Optimized Targets, Proc.
  5th UNB Artificial  Intelligence Symposium, Fredericton, Aug
  1993, pp. 73-84

Al-Zoman, Dedourek, Kurz: Performance of Data Link Protocols
  over Cellular Networks, Proc. 2nd Int'l. Conf. on Telecommuni-
  cation Systems and Analysis, Vanderbuilt Univ., Nashville, TN, 
  March 1994, pp. 328-334

Al-Zoman, Dedourek, Kurz: Modelling Cellular Radio  Channels
  for  Asynchronous Transmission, Proc. Int'l. Conf. on
  Modelling and Simulation and Control SIM'94, IASTED,
  Ottawa, May 1994, pp. 51-54

Harjoko, Kurz: Target Design - A Method for an Accurate Pose
  Determination, Proc. 10th Conf. on Artificial Intelligence, 
  IEEE, San Antonio, USA, May 1994, IEEE Comp. Society Press, 
  pp. 242-252

Al-Zoman, Dedourek, Kurz: Automatic Retransmission  Rather
  than Automatic Repeat Request, Proc. 94 Int'l. Conf. on
  Network Protocols, IEEE, IEEE Comp. Soc. Press, Boston,
  Mass., Oct 1994, pp. 48-55

Harjoko, Kurz:  Design of an Optimal Target for 3D Pose
  Estimation, Proc. Int'l. Conf. on Computer Applic. in Industry 
  and Engineering CAIE'94, ISCA, San Diego, Calif., Dec 1994, 

Kurz, Gregg, Howroyd: Real-Time Automatic Classification of
  Speech Sound Errors, Proc. Int'l. Conference Natural
  Language Process. and Industrial. Applic., NLP+IA’96,
  GRETAL, Univ. of Moncton, Moncton, NB, Canada, 4-6 June
  1996, Vol.1, pp.141-147.

Papers in other Conference Proceedings

Kurz: ATM - Asynchronous Transfer Mode, 1997 APICS Conference, 
University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB, Canada, 
24-25 October 1997, pp. 1-9

Kurz: Towards Next-Generation Telecommunications Systems - Review of Current Wireless Standards 
and Technologies, 16th Canadian Net2002 Conference, Fredericton, N.B., URL: http://net2002.unb.ca,
2-6 June 2002

Papers in Books

Kurz: Target Design - A Simplifying Approach for Computer
  Vision, invited contribution to: Festschrift, Prof. Dr.-Ing. 
  Egon Dorrer, published in honour of his 60th anniversary  
  by Univ. der Bundeswehr, Munich, Germany, Feb. 1994,
  pp. 157-166


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