Multi-Window Sliding Window Protocol


Outline of Research

In a previous research work an enhanced HDLC link protocol with 
dual windows was developed and and evaluated (by simulation). 
It was shown that this approach is superior to a method which 
just increases the window size. Most time-outs and forced 
half-duplex operation periods are avoided which make this new 
protocol version of HDLC particularly suitable for harsh error 
environments and large bandwidth x rate terms.

	For this research the theoretical protocol scheme is to 
be implemented with HDLC as implementation example. Test runs in 
a error-prone point-to-point environment are to be performed and 
the actual performance is to be compared to the one previously 
obtained by computer simulation. Based on a statistical model of 
the error environment, an analytical derivation of the protocol 
efficiency, and thus of the performance, is also to be found.

	Participating in this research and development work are 
Dr. Bernd J. Kurz (Professor) with the assistance of Syed Zeeshan 
Hasnain, undergraduate Honours student.

Project Status: Started:   January 1995
                Completed: April 1997

Relevant Publications

S. Zeeshan Hasnain, HDLC Implementation With Mulitple Windows, 
  BCS Honours thesis, Faculty of Computer Science, Univ. of New 
  Brunswick, April 1997.

Hai Wang, Enhanced Dual-Window HDLC Protocol, B.Sc.CS Honours thesis, 
  Faculty of Computer Science, Univ. of New Brunswick, April 1995.


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