Evaluation of IBM's P2P Telework Environment


Outline of Research

The IBM P2P (Person-to-Person)desktop communications 
software establishes an environment suitable for telework. 
It supports many useful tools for distance teamwork, 
also called telecommuting. Among the functions available 
are site calling via LANs and WANs, screen sharing through 
Chalkboard and Clipboard, file transfer, image capture and 
view sharing and videoconferencing from the desktop (with 
optional hardware).

   This project involves the installation, configuration
and operation of the P2P software (both OS/2-based and 
Windows-based) on various computers connected to a LAN 
(possibly also a WAN) as a model setup. By performing 
real-life telecommuting work, an evaluation of the functions 
available for daily routine work, and of the ease of use 
is to be carried out. A critical analysis of the collected 
information and of the experience gained, along with 
recommendations for the use of P2P, will conclude this
   Participating in the project are Dr. Bernd J. Kurz (professor),  
with the assistance of Tom McAffee, undergraduate student.

Project Status: Started:   January 1997
                Completed: April 1997

Relevant Publications

Tony McAffee, Evaluation of IBM's P2P Telework Software,  
  CS4983 Report, Faculty of Computer Science, University of New 
  Brunswick, April 1997


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