Modeling and Simulation of PDVMarina Land and Satellite Networks


Outline of Research

PDVMarina S.A. is a Venezuelan oil shipping corporation. The company 
operates country-wide corporate landline data network to communicate 
between its subsidiaries in Venezuela, and uses and a world-wide 
satellite data network service to communicate between its oil tanker 
vessels and its offices. As most networks, their structure and/or use 
has 'just happened' rather than having been planned in the past.

	This research is an attempt to help PDVMarina in shedding light 
on the status, reliability, efficiency and cost of their networks and use 
of them. In addition the obtained information of the past and current 
network history and usage trend is to be exploited for future planning 

	A current model of PDVMarina's own land-line data and voice 
was created using relevant information on the network structure, traffic 
loads and costs as collected during a reconnaissance trip to Venezuela 
in October 1993. The model was built to be implemented in the 
communications simulator software package COMNET II and was run for 
the current situation and various what-if scenarios. The simulation results 
were used to reveal to the company the current situation, and help to 
start an informed planning process for the future. 

	The satellite network service was also modeled using COMNET II 
using operations data collected during the reconnaissance session. Basic 
operation modes of the used Imarsat satellite system and COMSAT services 
were modeled. The current usage and cost was determined. Alternative 
COMSAT services were evaluated with a view towards cost reduction. In 
addition, a closer integration of the company's own land-line data network 
and network services with the satellite network services was developed 
and suggested for economic reasons.

	Participating in the project were Dr. Bernd J. Kurz (professor), 
John Dedourek (professor) and Jaime Marquez-Velandia, M.Sc.CS.

	This research was carried out under a funded agreement with 
PDVMarina S.A., Punto Fijo, Venezuela.

Project Status: Started:   October 1993
                Completed: April 1995.

Relevant Publications

Jaime Marquez-Velandia, Modeling and Evaluation of a Ship-Land 
  Communications Network, M.Sc.CS thesis, Fac. of Computer Science, 
  Univ. of New Brunswick, April 1995.


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