A Laser-Based Vision System for Road Surface Distress Analysis


Outline of Research

A laser-based vision system is to be developed to automatically measure 
and analyse distress signs of road surfaces. The vision system is to use 
structured lighting provided by a fan-type laser and a laser-sensitive CCD 
video camera. The system is to be self-contained, mounted on a vehicle, 
work during daylight and in real-time at typical road speeds.
	Participating in the project are Dr. Bernd J. Kurz (professor),  
Dr. Robert Douglas (D.C. Campbell Chair of Highway Construction and 
Pavement Research) with the assistance of Shane Lemon, undergraduate Honours student.

Project Status: Started:   January 1997
                Completed: April 1997

Relevant Publications

Shane Lemon, Feasibility of a Laser-Based Vision System 
  for Road Surface Distress Analysis, BSC Honors Thesis, 
  Faculty of Computer Science, University of New Brunswick,
  April 1997	


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