Target Design for Computer Vision Systems


Outline of Research

A novel approach to computer vision is proposed in this research work. 
Rather than designing ever more complex algorithms to extract given
objects from images, the design of simple targets for given fast and
robust algorithms is promoted. 

	The targets and the computer vision algorithms are modelled 
analytically. The mathematical nature of this approach leads to optimized 
target structures. Two families of targets are investigated, line targets 
and dot targets, both with their respective extraction algorithms.

	The model of a Hough transform-based algorithm is developed for 
the line target and the performance of the vision system to detect the 
location of the target in 2D space, subject to noise, is analyzed. As well, 
the model of a Moment-based algorithm is developed for the dot target 
and the performance of the vision system to detect the pose of the target
in 3D space, subject to noise, is analyzed.

	Design rules for the given target structures are established. The 
usefulness of the target design is demonstrated by practical examples 
which determine the location/pose of the targets affixed to objects.
Target design can lead to simpler, faster and more robust computer
vision systems for use in non-ideal industrial environments.

	Participating in this research were Dr. Bernd J. Kurz 
(Professor) and Dr. Agus Harjoko (formerly Ph.D. student). 

Project Status: Started:   June 1989
                Completed: July 1996

Relevant Publications

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