Telepresence Laboratories in CS at UNB
A Feasibility Study


Outline of Research

Telework and Telepresence have become hot topics in both 
the data communications field and in sociology. Telepresence 
generally means the access to costly equipment or services 
from remote sites. This can include research equipment located 
in our laboratories and providing use of it to researchers at 
other institutions.

   Typically the data communications needed for telepresence 
includes multimedia data traffic ( a mix of traffic with 
opposing service requirements). For this research a feasibility 
study is to be carried out to come up with specifications for 
the required communications infrastructure (site-specific) and 
the communication services. This study is carried out in the 
framework of available CS lab equipment. In addition, desired 
ergonomics, such us friendly user-interfacesand suitable work 
environments, are to be considered. No actual experiments and 
no sociological impact studies are to be performed.

   The first pilot project for establishing a telelab presence of 
one of our research tools is our Protocol Testbed for the design 
and evaluation of communication line protocols. A new GUI 
operator interface is currently being developed, which will 
ultimately be made available over the WWW.

   Participating in the project are Dr. Bernd J. Kurz (professor),  
with the assistance of Robert Lebeck, undergraduate student.

Project Status: Started:   January 1997
                Completed: April 1997

Relevant Publications

Robert Lebeck, Telepresence Laboratories in Computer Science, 
  CS4983 Report, Faculty of Computer Science, University of New 
  Brunswick, April 1997


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