Harold Boley

Harold Boley

Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Computer Science, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB, Canada
Chair, RuleML
Mail: given dt family at ruleml dt organization

Welcome on my page. You may also be interested in the RuleML Blog, e.g. with RuleML+RR 20xy reports/calls as well as articles about Declarative Notation for Artificial Intelligence and the object-relational PSOA RuleML / PSOATransRun. Besides that PSOA summary and the earlier one of PSOA RuleML: Integrated Object-Relational Data and Rules for the 11th Reasoning Web Summer School, there are newer ones, mainly PSOA RuleML Bridges Graph and Relational Databases and others reachable from it. The PSOA metamodel cube is dynamically visualized in PSOAMetaViz, as described in PSOAMetaViz Explained.

At UNB, my teaching has been about Semantic Technologies, Declarative Programming, and Multi-Agent Systems, and I am supervising grad students (e.g., MS and PhD in Computer Science) and occasionally undergrad students. In the Web standards world, I started and am chairing the RuleML Organization (meet us on the RuleML Blog and at the annual RuleML+RR 20xy Int'l Joint Conferences), am editor of the LegalRuleML OASIS Committee Specification, and was editor of the now complete W3C Rule Interchange Format (RIF Second Edition). My 2011-2015 NSERC Discovery Grant was about "Metrics-Controlled Web Rule Translation".

My current research is in Declarative AI languages and applications, including rule-based knowledge representation. I have explored joining rules and ontologies, e.g., with sorted Horn logics in Relfun, RuleML, and POSL. The Positional-Slotted Object-Applicative (PSOA) logic integrates object-relational data & knowledge for rules and combines those with taxonomies (subclass ontologies). PSOA applications include Port Clearance Rules and Medical Devices Rules. I started the Grailog Initiative to systematically combine generalized graph constructs for visual data & knowledge representation ranging from (binary and n-ary) relational logic to Horn logic, description logic, (PSOA-generalized) object/frame logic, higher-order logic, and modal logic.

If you are interested in studying at UNB Fredericton, there is information about the CS Graduate Programs.

In particular, I am currently looking for students with interest in: (1) RuleML, contributing to its XML-based/JSON-transferable Relax NG specification, its metamodel-cube-based PSOA extension, or its Java/ANTLR-based PSOATransRun implementation; (2) Grailog, contributing to its systematics, translators, or use cases, e.g. for visualizing PSOA RuleML atoms themselves (besides their metamodel).

Selected Teaching















Fall: CS 6795 Semantic Web Techniques

Fall: RuleML Technology

Fall: CS 6795 Semantic Web Techniques

Fall: CS 6795 Semantic Web Techniques

Fall: CS 6795 Semantic Web Techniques

Fall: CS 6795 Semantic Web Techniques

Fall: 384.124 Semantic Web Techniques
Fall: 384.126 Logical Foundations of Cognitive Science

Fall: CS 6795 Semantic Web Techniques

Fall: CS 6795 Semantic Web Techniques

Fall: CS 6795 Semantic Web Techniques

Fall: CS 6795 Semantic Web Techniques

Fall: CS 6905 Semantic Web Techniques

Fall: CS 6999 Semantic Web Techniques


Winter: CS 6715 Functional-Logic Programming

Winter: CS 6715 Functional-Logic Programming

Winter: CS 6715 Functional-Logic Programming

Winter: CS 6715 Functional-Logic Programming

Winter: CS 6905 Functional and Logic Programming

Winter: CS 6905 Functional and Logic Programming

Winter: CS 6905 Functional and Logic Programming

Summer: PSOA RuleML: Integrated Object-Relational Data and Rules     Summer: Deliberation RuleML, Reaction RuleML, and LegalRuleML: Specification and Application Summer: Semantic Agent Systems




Summer: Semantic Services for Business Process Management Summer: ICEC2006 on SOA Summer: NRC-IIT Summer Rules Training

Research Systems

Short form

Expanded form

Brief description


Agent Match Maker

Match making using Treesim and ranked pairing


ALC with unique names and general Datalog programs

Homogeneous integration of rules using default negation and ALC


Datalog rules parameterized by Description Logics

Hybrid combination of rules and ontologies (ALC to SHIQ)


Directed Recursive Labelnode Hypergraphs

Semantic nets with complex nodes, label descriptions, n-ary arcs


fuzzy ALC with role Hierarchies, Inverse roles, and Number restrictions

fuzzy description logic syntax, semantics, reasoning procedure, and SWI-Prolog implementation


fuzzy hybrid Description Logic Programs

fuzzy hybrid ontology/rule combination


Find an eXpert via Rules and Taxonomies

Person-centric knowledge for expert finding using RuleML FOAF


First-Order-Logic RuleML

Explicit quantifiers and disjunction for RuleML knowledge bases


fuzzy Zadeh-description-logic SI

Description Logic with fuzzy (instances of) concepts and roles for consistency checking, instance range entailment, and f-retrieval


Graph inscribed logic

DRLH-like graphs for the presentation&mapping of logic languages

Grailog KS Viz

Grailog Knowledge-Source Visualizer

Transforming HornlogEq RuleML/XML to SVG/XML


independent music Discovery

NRC/Bell music recommendation portal


Learning Object Metadata Generator

Information extraction in computing domain

Medical Devices Rules

PSOA RuleML Medical Devices Rules

Regulation (EU) 2017/745 formalization for device classification and conformity


New Brunswick Business Knowledge Base

Extracted RuleML facts processed by RuleML rules


Ontology for Mathematics International

Formalized and visualized study program


Ontology for ELOTHERM

RuleML taxonomy for heating design


Object-Oriented Java Deductive Reasoning Engine for the Web

Open source reference implementation of RuleML


Object-Oriented Rule Markup Language

Joining F-logic and Prolog in RuleML


Patient Supporter profiles

Rule Responder querying of Patient Support communities about Sports Injuries

Port Clearance Rules

PSOA RuleML Port Clearance Rules

DM Challenge solution by object-relational formalization of English harbor-entry rules


Positional-Slotted Language

Shorthand and presentation syntax for Semantic Web knowledge


PSOA Metamodel Visualizer

Dynamic visualization of PSOA RuleML's metamodel cube

PSOA Prova

PSOA and Prova

PSOA RuleML's PSOATransRun system targeting combination of Prolog with Java


Positional-Slotted Object-Applicative RuleML

Integrated object-relational data & knowledge with rules and taxonomies


PSOA Translator and Runtime system

Reference translator of PSOA RuleML to TPTP and Prolog engines


Rule Applying COllaborative FIltering

Multi-dimensional music recommendation


Rule Applying Comparison Shopping Agent

Computing end prices via RuleML rules


Rule Applying Learning Object Comparison Agent

e-Learning filtering with OO RuleML

Reaction RuleML

Reaction rule languages of RuleML

Comprises production, action, reaction, and temporal-logic rules


Relational-Functional Language

Tightly integrated declarative programming


Relational-Functional Markup Language

XML interchange format of Relfun


Rule Interchange Format

RIF Basic Logic Dialect (BLD), Framework for Logic Dialects (FLD), Datatypes and Built-Ins 1.0 (DTB), and Core (Core)


RIF Uncertainty Rule Dialect

RIF extension for uncertain knowledge representation


Rule Markup Language

Webized XML rules


RuleML Friend-Of-A-Friend

Rules and facts for social networking

Rule Responder

Rule-based autoResponder system

RuleML FOAF profiles distributed over Prova / OO jDREW / Euler engines


Semantic Web Rule Language

Combining OWL and RuleML


SWRL First Order Logic

First-Order-Logic extension of OWL, RuleML, and SWRL


Semantic Web Services Framework

Semantic Web Services Language (SWSL) + Ontology (SWSO)


Symposium Planner profiles

Rule Responder querying of symposium committees about organizational (meta)topics


Technology transfer in Atlantic Canada

Project profile comparison with AgentMatcher


Tree Similarity Algorithm

Slot-weighted OO RuleML term measure


Wellness Rule profiles

Rule Responder querying of Wellness Rule communities about Activities and Nutrition


Web Rule Language

Variants Core, Flight, and Full

Sample Talks

Title Venue(s)
ALCup: An Integration of Description Logic and General Rules RR-2007
Are Your Rules Online? Four Web Rule Essentials (ppt) RuleML-2007
DatalogDL: Datalog Rules Parameterized by Description Logics (ppt) CSWWS-2006
Distributed Semantic Web Knowledge Representation and Inferencing;
Distributed Rule Responder Querying on the Semantic Web
ICDIM 2010
Expert Querying and Redirection with Rule Responder (ppt) FEWS-2007
Grailog (ppt) Versions: PhiloWeb-2011 (RuleML/Grailog), OMGCambridge2012 (GrailogUI)
Highly-Modular Relax NG Schemas for Customized Access to RuleML Knowledge Bases OMGCambridge2012
PSOA RuleML Versions: AWoSS3 (LinkObjLinkRuleSocSem), Semantic Days 2011 (PSOALinkObjRule), RuleML-2011 - Europe (RIFSemRuleMLInteg), IJCAI-2011 (RuleMLObjRelKR), SFU CS Seminar 2011-08-08 (RuleMLIntegRIFModSem), UNB CS Seminar 2011-09-14 (DistriObjRelKnow)
Reaction RuleML for Accessing Loosely-Coupled and Event-Messaged Rule KBs OMGCambridge2012
RIF RuleML Rosetta Ring: Round-Tripping the Dlex Subset of Datalog RuleML and RIF-Core RuleML-2009
RuleML 1.0: The Overarching Specification of Web Rules (ppt) RuleML-2010
Social Semantic Rule Sharing and Querying in Wellness Communities ASWC-2009
The RuleML Family of Web Rule Languages (ppt)
[short version (ppt)]


Papers can be accessed from Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic Search, the DBLP Bibliography Server, ArXiv, my NRC Publications, and my DFKI Home Page at http://www.dfki.uni-kl.de/~boley.

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