CS 6905 Advanced Topics in Computer Science:
Functional and Logic Programming

Assignment 0


(not used for grading)


Go through the Intro Slides, focusing on the parts not discussed at length in class.

Note questions, remarks, and construct variations of some of the examples.


Transcribe the pseude-code of the relation fr-antonym from the Intro Slides (24) into executable Relfun code (http://www.relfun.org) using the method below and try the LP computation of the Intro Slides (26). Define any function and call it with fixed and later with free argument(s); an example would be the function fr-antonym from the Intro Slides (13) and trying it with computations that vary the FP computation from the Intro Slides (15).


Pseude-Code to Executable Relfun code:


Put a period (".") at the end of every definition.


Perform substitutions as follows:


"and"                                -->        ","


"if"                                 -->        ":-"


"then"                               -->        "&"


"=" (for entire definition)          -->        ":&"


"=" (in body of definition)          -->        ".="


Experiment with Relfun's CGI script after scrolling down to "Interface"

at http://www.dfki.uni-kl.de/~vega/relfun.html. Paste Relfun definitions from a

backup file into the "Database:" window and type calls into the "Query (batch):"

window (DO NOT put a period at the end of a query - different from Prolog).

Modify either your definitions or your calls and resubmit.




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