CS 6905 Advanced Topics in Computer Science:
Functional and Logic Programming



Choose one to three other persons in the class as partners and propose a project topic.

The project will consist of a written report and a class presentation in which all partners will participate equally.  Each project asks you to consider a tool or system to solve a problem, and to apply it to a specific problem or task.

The written report shall be ca. 10 pages. It will be assessed according to these criteria:  quality of the work, effectiveness of the use of the tool, clarity of the ideas presented, quality of the writing (grammar, spelling, organization, formatting, references), ability to look beyond the tool and to discuss the problem and tool extensions.

What you present is class will be based on slides and a demo.  Each project will have up to 40 minutes of presentation followed by up to 10 minutes of questions from the audience and discussion.

Weighting: Written 60%, Presentation 40%.

Here are examples from 2003:

Project 1 (doc source) Recursive Art Gallery Shopping

Project 2 (doc source) Rules for a Product Consultant

Another topic of your choosing, to be approved.


Here are our projects from 2006:

Project 1 Mediator for Leisure Time Services (Relfun source)

Project 2 Virtual Video Store (Relfun source)


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