CS 6795 Semantic Web Techniques

Notes and Lecture Schedule 2012


Earlier notes in their entirety (all needed parts linked individually below)
Semantic Web: Past, Present, Future (ppt)
Grailog: Generalized Graphs for Semantic Web Knowledge Representation (ppt)


1:30 PM

3:00 PM

Assignments all due before class at
1:30 PM

Week 1

Sep 10
Mindmap (ppt),
Distributed Semantic Web Knowledge Representation and Inferencing (ppt),

Prolog Tutorial Topics:
Simple Facts – Rules, Search, Recursion, Lists

Lab 0

Week 2

Sep 17
Data Integration, W3C Tutorial, slides 12-44

XML (ppt)

Assign 0 due

Lab 1

Week 3

Sep 24
Namespaces (ppt),
RDF, W3C Tutorial,
slides 45-91

SPARQL, W3C Tutorial,
slides 135-164;
Description Logic Classifier (ppt),
DL Quantifiers  (ppt), slide 2,
DL and OWL Ontologies (ppt)

Assign 1 due

Lab 2,
Lab 3

Week 3 (Wed)

Sep 26

Exceptionally 3:30 PM, ITC 317:
The Grailog Systematics for Visual-Logic Knowledge Representation with Generalized Graphs


Week 4

Oct 1
Datalog Semantics (ppt),
slides 11-21

XSLT – eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (ppt)

Project Ideas and Teams

Assign 2 due

Lab 4


Oct 8

Thanksgiving Day.
University Holiday -
No classes


Week 5

Oct 15
jDREW (ppt), with demo
(Bruce Spencer)

slides 1-15;
PSOATransRun demo;
PSOA2TPTP technology
(Gen Zou)

Assign 3 due

Week 6

Oct 22
HornML (ppt)

RuleML 1.0 (ppt)

Detailed Planning of Projects


Week 7

Oct 29
Discussion of Project Proposals


Project Proposals due
(by email in the morning)

Lab 5

Week 8

Nov 5
Mapping and Integration Rules

Social Semantic Rule Sharing and Querying in Wellness Communities (ppt)


Week 9

Nov 12
RIF (ppt),
slides 1-19, 32-39

Common Logic,
slides 1-23, 27-30

Test each Team’s demo
laptop with projector

Week 10

Nov 19
Project Presentations:
Team 10.
Team 7.
Team 9.
Team 6.

Team 4.
Team 5.
Team 8.
Team 1.

Project Demo, Slides, and Website due (send URL of Entry Page)

Week 11

Nov 26
Recap, Discussions

Q & A, Practice Exam


Week 12

Dec 3
(1:30 PM-3:00 PM)



Week 13

Dec 10
Building Ontologies in an Industrial Setting: Innovatia Case Study
(Bradley Shoebottom)

Project Report Writing Boot Camp

“How to learn more about Semantic Web languages?”,
exemplified with
OWL 2, W3C Tutorial,
slides 222-285,
OWL 2 Primer (Complex Classes,
Property Restrictions)


Week 14

Dec 17


Project Report due by
1:30 PM
(printed on both sides)


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