CS 6795 Semantic Web Techniques

Notes and Lecture Schedule 2014


Earlier notes in their entirety (all needed parts linked individually below)
Semantic Web: Past, Present, Future (ppt)


1:30 PM

3:00 PM

Assignments all due before class at
1:30 PM

Week 1

Sep 4
Mindmap (pptx);
Distributed Semantic Web Knowledge Representation and Inferencing (ppt),

Prolog Tutorial Topics:
Simple Facts – Rules, Search, Recursion, Lists

Lab 0

Week 2

Sep 11
Music Album use case;
Data Integration, W3C Tutorial, slides 12-44

XML (ppt)

Assign 0 due

Lab 1

Week 3

Sep 18
Namespaces (ppt);
RDF, W3C Tutorial,
slides 45-91

SPARQL, W3C Tutorial,
slides 135-164;
Description Logic Classifier (ppt);
DL Quantifiers  (ppt),
slide 2;
From Data to Knowledge through Grailog Visualization (ppt),
slides 59-82

Assign 1 due

Lab 2,
Lab 3

Week 4

Sep 25
RELAX NG Tutorial,
slides 1-61;
Datalog Semantics (ppt),
slides 11-21

XSLT – eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (ppt)

Project Topics and Teams

Assign 2 due

Lab 4

Week 5

Oct 2
Modular sYNtax confiGurator;
MYNG demo
(Tara Athan)

Family Example;
slides 1-15;
PSOATransRun technology,
PSOATransRun demo
(Gen Zou)

Assign 3 due

Week 6

Oct 9
HornML (ppt)

RuleML 1.0 (ppt)

Detailed Planning of Projects


Week 7

Oct 16
Semantic Federation of Biomedical Data with HYDRA, incl. demo
(Alexandre Riazanov)

Discussion of Project Proposals

Project Proposals due
(by email in the morning)

Lab 5

Week 8

Oct 23

Mapping and Integration Rules


Week 9

Oct 30
RIF (ppt),
slides 1-19, 32-39

RuleML in JSON,
slides 14-35

Test each Team’s demo
laptop with projector

Week 10

Nov 6
Recap, Discussions

Q & A, Practice Exam


Week 11

Nov 13
Project Presentations:
Team 3.
Team 5.

Project Demo, Slides, and Website due (send URL of Entry Page)

Week 12

Nov 20
Project Report Writing Boot Camp

Exceptional Location: ITC317
Dexter: A Browser-based Data Explorer for End Users
(Abhijeet Mohapatra,
Sudhir Agarwal);
Dexter Web Page


Week 13

Nov 27
(1:30 PM-3:00 PM)



Week 14

Dec 4


Project Report due by
1:30 PM
(printed on both sides)


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