UNB/ CS/ David Bremner/ teaching/ cs3613/ racket/ Setting up racket for CS3613

Installing Plugin

  1. start drracket

  2. choose File -> Install .plt File

  3. click "Web"

  4. Enter


    A window will pop up with lots of scrolling text, finishing with "Installation Complete"

  5. Restart drracket. There should be a unb icon in the tool bar.

  6. Choose File -> Manage CS3613 Handin Account

  7. Click New User

  8. Fill in your info and click add user. Please use the same username as on the FCS Linux machines.

Setting up for Test Coverage

  1. Start drracket

  2. Bring up the "choose language" panel with Control-L

  3. Select "Syntactic test suite coverage" under "Dynamic properties"