CS 6795 Semantic Web Techniques

Fall 2004 Projects



Team 1 XSLT Translator from (a Subset of) RuleML 0.87 to (a Subset of) FOL RuleML 0.89
Aaron Cooper, Ian Scrimger, Bernard Walker, Sebastian Mathieu

Team 2 University Taxonomy from a Student's Perspective
Amrinder S. Brar; Eugenia Kondratova, Sharma Rachita, Luqian Zhu

Team 3 Translating Between Subsets of RuleML and Jess
Yong Liang, Jiang Su, Bin Wang, Wanxia Wei

Team 4 Visualizing and Running an XML-based Computer Science Taxonomy
Jing (Jeremy) Jin, Jie Li, Han Liang, Bo Xu

Team 5 A Java-based rule parser using JDOM
Shaoju Chen, Bin Liao, Ning Wang, Zheng Wang

Team 6  XSLT Converter from Database Taxonomy Representation to RDFS
Yonglin Ren, Lei Wang, Wanxiang Zhang, Marcel Ball




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