CS 6795 Semantic Web Techniques

Assignment 4


1.     Consider the following eight statements.  Which are true and which are false?  There is at least one false statement and at least one true statement.  For ONE false statement, give a counterexample.  For ONE true statement, give a tableau proof.  Make a decision about ALL of the statements.

2.      Refer to http://owl.man.ac.uk/2003/concrete/latest/.  Express the following in the concrete abstract syntax. If there are any features of the description that cannot be expressed, explain what the problem is.

Mosses are in the division Bryophyta, or non-vascular plants. Plants in this division have one a single set of chromosomes.  Mosses can either be dioicous or monoicous. In dioicous mosses, both male and female sex organs are borne on different gametophyte plants. In monoicous (also called autoicous) mosses, they are borne on the same plant.


The due date for this assignment will be discussed in class.








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