DeDourek's Office Hours

The following generally indicates the times that I will be at UNB. However, when I am there, I often have meetings scheduled and other time commitments. Therefore, It is always better to arrange an appointment.

I will be at the university during the following times. These are subject to change. My office is GWE106.

I repeat, it is always better to make an appointment. Also, check back frequently for changes in schedule.

If I am in the office, and my door is open, and there is no one else there, you are welcome to come in. If I don't have sufficient time at that time, we can make an appointment for a later time.

If my door is closed, either I am not in, or I am in but am working on something with a deadline that precludes dealing with students. Unfortunately, there are parts of my job that require concentration without interruptions to get them done.

If you are having trouble meeting with me, you may make an appointment via e-mail, or via telephone, or in person if I am available but don't have sufficient time to deal with your concern at the time you see me.

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John M. DeDourek, Faculty of Computer Science, University of New Brunswick
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