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Kenneth B. Kent

Professor & Barrett Chair in Entrepreneurship for Digital Transformation

Director of IBM Centre for Advanced Studies - Atlantic

Ph.D., M.Sc. (University of Victoria); B.Sc. (Memorial University of Newfoundland)


Faculty of Computer Science

University of New Brunswick

550 Windsor Street

Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, E3B 5A3

Phone: (506) 451-6971

Fax: (506) 453-3566




My research interests are in Hardware/Software Co-Design, Virtual Machines, Reconfigurable Computing, Software Engineering, and Embedded Systems. The Centre for Advanced Studies - Atlantic webpages provide a good look into some of the more specific research projects I am involved in at UNB. You can also look at the Institute for Visual Computing at Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg for some of the research projects I am involved with there.

My current graduate students include:

  • Alireza Azadi (PhD)
  • Nicholas Dehnen (MCS - BRSU)
  • Mohammad Mohammadi (PhD)
  • Navid Jafarof (MCS)
  • Geetesh More (PhD)
  • Ritwik Sinha (MAS - BRSU)
  • Subhabrata Rana (MCS)
  • Danial Khadivi (MCS)
  • Nancy Chahal (MCS)
  • Shubham Verma (MCS)
  • Harpreet Kaur (PhD)
  • Hassan Arafat (PhD)
  • Fatemeh Khoda Parast (PhD)
  • Scott Young (PhD)
  • Georgiy Krylov (PhD)
  • Max Uzun (MCS)
  • Mozammel Hossain (PhD)


Graduate student alumni include:

  • Maria Patrou (PhD)
  • Sujit Bhandari (MCS)
  • Siri Sahiti Ponangi (MCS)
  • Alvee Noor (MCS)
  • Seyed Alireza Damghani (MCS)
  • Gabriel Adeyemo (MCS)
  • Aaron Graham (MCS)
  • Damian Dmonte (MCS)
  • Zhouran Li (MCS)
  • Anil Hitang (MCS)
  • Tobias Niessen (MCS)
  • Jean-Philippe Legault (MCS)
  • Eric Coffin (MCS)
  • Petar Jelenkovic (MCS)
  • Kay Boldt (MCS and MCS - BRSU)
  • Britta Sennewald (MCS and MCS - BRSU)
  • Abhijit Taware (MCS)
  • Konstantin Nasartchuk (PhD)
  • Scott Young (MCS)
  • Andrii Kuch (MCS)
  • Jiapeng Zhu (MCS)
  • Panagiotis Patros (PhD)
  • Taees Eimouri (PhD)
  • Maria Patrou (MCS)
  • Johannes Ilisei (MCS)
  • Bing Yang (PhD)
  • Tristan Basa (MCS)
  • Azden Bierbrauer (MCS and MAS - BRSU)
  • Devarghya Bhattacharya (MCS)
  • Federico Sogaro (MCS)
  • Chandan Bagai (MCS)
  • Umang Pandya (MCS)
  • Yan Bo (MCS)
  • Nicolas Neu (MCS and MCS - BRSU)
  • Jingjing Li (MCS)
  • Dayal Dilli (MCS)
  • Ning Ju (MCS)
  • Sen Wang (MCS)
  • Chirag Sharawat (MCS)
  • Andrew Somerville (MCS)
  • Petr Samarin (MAS - BRSU)
  • Emily Wilson (MCS)
  • Marcel Dombrowski (MCS and MAS - BRSU)
  • Konstantin Nasartchuk (MCS and MAS - BRSU)
  • Nils Reichert (MCS and MCS - BRSU)
  • Alexander Bochem (MCS and MAS - BRSU)
  • Michael Schlosser (MCS and MCS - BRSU)
  • John Cole (MCS)
  • Tim Beatty (MCS)
  • Farnaz Gharibian (MCS)
  • Ryan Proudfoot (MCS)
  • Shawn McGinn (MCS)
  • Joseph Libby (MCS)
  • Adam Baker (MCS)
  • Beatriz Iaderoza (MSc - UVic)
  • Nan Chen (MCS)
  • Graham Mathias (MCS)
  • Zhao Yong (MCS)
  • Thomas Hall (MCS)
  • Joshua Dick (MCS)
  • Nathanial Couture (MCS)
  • Hejun Ma (MSc - ECE)


I try to keep a selection of my publications available on-line.



I am teaching in 2021/2022 the following courses.

  • Computer Science 6905 – Virtual Machines (fall term)


Recent courses instructed:

  • Computer Science 6999 – FPGA CAD
  • Computer Science 2999 – Problem Solving for Programmers
  • Computer Science 3413 – Operating Systems
  • Computer Science 1023 – Data Structures and Algorithms for Engineers
  • Computer Science 3997 – Professional Practice
  • Computer Science 1203 – Introduction to Computer Science
  • Computer Science 3813 – Computer Organization II
  • Computer Science 2013 – Software Engineering I
  • Computer Science 4405/6605 – Operating Systems II
  • Computer Science 4805/6885 – Embedded Systems
  • Software Engineering 265 – Software Engineering I (UVic)
  • Software Engineering 365 – Software Engineering II (UVic)
  • Computer Science 485A/556 – Hardware/Software Co-Design (UVic)



Everyone has a weakness and mine is classic cars. I have a 1968 Mustang that I have restored. Here are some pictures from when I drove it across the country – 3 times!

In general I am the kind of guy who is always on the move. My other hobbies include bicycle camping and jogging. My latest biking adventures include 3 weeks cycling around the Greek Islands, a 700 km ride of the northern peninsula of Newfoundland, and a 1500 km ride of the maritimes.