Montreal Canadiens 2014-15 playoff data
Montreal Canadiens 2014-15: Lines over the course of the playoffs Even-strength lines over the course of the playoffs

Line/pair with the most ice time Line/pair with the 2nd most ice time Line/pair with the 3rd most ice time Line/pair with the 4th most ice time

Note: These are simply the four lines and three defensive pairs used most frequently in even-strength situations in each game. They are not necessarily the lines intended by the coach, and some players might appear on more than one line in a given game.

1-10 11-20 21-28
 79 Markov76 Subban 
 74 Emelin26 Petry 
 77 Gilbert64 Pateryn 
 28 Beaulieu77 Gilbert 
1-10 11-20 21-28
67 Pacioretty14 Plekanec11 Gallagher
27 Galchenyuk14 Plekanec11 Gallagher
27 Galchenyuk51 Desharnais22 Weise
  8 Prust81 Eller15 Parenteau
67 Pacioretty51 Desharnais21 Smith-Pelly
25 De la Rose17 Mitchell21 Smith-Pelly
25 De la Rose81 Eller22 Weise
  8 Prust17 Mitchell32 Flynn
27 Galchenyuk51 Desharnais15 Parenteau
  8 Prust81 Eller22 Weise
25 De la Rose81 Eller21 Smith-Pelly
15 Parenteau51 Desharnais21 Smith-Pelly
27 Galchenyuk81 Eller11 Gallagher
67 Pacioretty14 Plekanec22 Weise
67 Pacioretty51 Desharnais22 Weise
  8 Prust17 Mitchell15 Parenteau
25 De la Rose32 Flynn21 Smith-Pelly

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