Montreal Canadiens 2013-14 playoff data
Montreal Canadiens 2013-14: Lines over the course of the playoffs Even-strength lines over the course of the playoffs

Line/pair with the most ice time Line/pair with the 2nd most ice time Line/pair with the 3rd most ice time Line/pair with the 4th most ice time

Note: These are simply the four lines and three defensive pairs used most frequently in even-strength situations in each game. They are not necessarily the lines intended by the coach, and some players might appear on more than one line in a given game.

1-10 11-20 21-28
 26 Gorges76 Subban 
 79 Markov74 Emelin 
 55 Bouillon43 Weaver 
 79 Markov43 Weaver 
 40 Beaulieu43 Weaver 
   6 Murray43 Weaver 
 55 Bouillon40 Beaulieu 
1-10 11-20 21-28
17 Bourque81 Eller21 Gionta
67 Pacioretty51 Desharnais11 Gallagher
67 Pacioretty51 Desharnais20 Vanek
  8 Prust14 Plekanec11 Gallagher
49 Bournival14 Plekanec20 Vanek
27 Galchenyuk14 Plekanec21 Gionta
49 Bournival48 Briere22 Weise
  8 Prust48 Briere22 Weise
17 Bourque48 Briere20 Vanek
17 Bourque81 Eller20 Vanek
17 Bourque81 Eller22 Weise
67 Pacioretty51 Desharnais22 Weise
32 Moen48 Briere22 Weise
27 Galchenyuk14 Plekanec20 Vanek
49 Bournival14 Plekanec11 Gallagher
  8 Prust81 Eller22 Weise
48 Briere14 Plekanec20 Vanek
  8 Prust14 Plekanec22 Weise
32 Moen  8 Prust22 Weise
49 Bournival81 Eller22 Weise
49 Bournival48 Briere20 Vanek
17 Bourque81 Eller  8 Prust

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