Natalia Stakhanova

April, 2016 "Advanced Computing Applications in Career Paths" ACENET Open house
September, 2015 "Entrepreneurship Ecosystems at Universities" Atlantic Schools of Business conference
May 2015 "Global Outlook in Defence & Security" Defence Trends Symposium 2015, Canada
May 2015 "Android malware code reuse: myths and reality" 2015 Honeynet Project Workshop, Norway
May 2015 "Searching for silver bullets - detecting application layer DoS attacks" 2015 Honeynet Project Workshop, Norway
May 2014 "Application layer Denial-of-Service Attacks" 9th Network Security Event for Latin America and the Caribbean, Mexico, [video]
February 2014 "Security Data Science: Challenges and solutions" T4G Big Data Congress, St. John, NB, Canada
November 2013 "Malware attribution" Annual Computer Security Congress, Mexico
Sept, 2013 "Application layer Denial-of-Service attacks: What is real?" Math and Computer Science Society Colloquium, Mount Allison University, Canada
April, 2012 "Malware behavior - What can we see from the network side?" Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
Oct, 2009 "Botnets: detection and mitigation challenges", Atlantic Canada chapter High Tech Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA), Fredericton, NB, Canada