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Natalie Webber

Senior Teaching Associate

Teaching Activities

Fall 2009:

  • CS1043 - Introduction to Computers
  • CS1073 - Introduction to Computer Programming
  • CS3703 - Multimedia Design
  • Also serve as CS1073/1083 Lab Assistant Co-ordinator.

Winter 2010:

  • CS1073 - Introduction to Computer Programming
  • CS2043 - Software Engineering I
  • CS3025 - Human-Computer Interaction
  • Also serve as CS1073/1083 Lab Assistant Co-ordinator.

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I also often supervise undergraduate students enrolled in CS4983: Senior Technical Report and CS4997: Honours Thesis. A list of past reports and theses can be found here.

Other Professional Activities

  • Academic Advisor for First-Year Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) Students and Multimedia Systems Major/Honours Students: If you would like to meet with me to discuss your course selections, please contact me to set up an appointment or drop by my office and knock on the door.
  • UNB Faculty of Computer Science Peer Mentor Co-ordinator. For more information about our Peer Mentor program, please visit: http://www.cs.unb.ca/undergrad/html/peerment.shtml
  • Newsletter Editor for the UNB Faculty of Computer Science. Past issues can be found here: http://www.cs.unb.ca/html/information_for_alumni_friends.shtml
  • Current Committees:

  • Past Committees:
  • Past Director of the Co-operative Education program for the UNB Faculty of Computer Science
  • Past Transfer Credit Assessor and Transfer Student Advisor for the UNB Faculty of Computer Science
  • Personal Information

    In the Fall of 2002, I completed my MCS degree, having worked for some time with Dr. Colin Ware and UNB's Human-Computer Interaction research group. My thesis work involved the study of human pedagogical gestures. An experiment was conducted to capture such gestures so that they might be examined and categorized. 2-D animations were then created to "play back" these gestures in various ways. Follow-up experiments were used to evaluate the animations and compare those based on human gestures to their non-human counterparts.

    Aside from my academic endeavors, I have gained some "hands-on" experience in industry. Most recently, (May 1999 - May 2000), I was a Systems Developer with the Information Technology Department of the New Brunswick Research & Productivity Council (RPC). RPC is a contract research laboratory and technical services company, providing clients with a variety of analytical and technical services. During my year at RPC, the IT department was focused on building an e-business consulting team. I worked on various different projects at RPC, including a substantial Java development project, where I served as the lead GUI designer and developer.

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