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Student Project for Computer Graphics at UNB in Fall 2014:
UNB Computer Science: http://cs.unb.ca
Instructor: Panagiotis Patros (http://cs.unb.ca/~ppatros/)
Projects' Website: http://bit.ly/1DCxG7b
Video: Addy (http://twist-it.de)

Student Projects Playlist:

Student Projects

4D Rotations by Angela Hovey and Sean MacPherson

Rubik's Cube by Yiqian Liu

Disc Golf by Julie Isip and Yves

Spacecraft Shooting Game by Terry Lockett and Alexander MacKenzie

Dogfighter by Louis Curtis and Caleb Doucet

Biomes by Dillon Matchett


Tank Game by Zhouyang Ye, Xiaotao Qiu and Gong Chen

Planetarium by Yoann Arsenau and Jakob Jakobsen

Dancing Robot by William Delong and Alex McTiernan