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an exploration to the future of secure and privacy systems ...



2015-2016 PI, CoE Proposal Preparatory Grant: Secure Fog Computing System Design and Implementation


2015-2017 PI, MOE AcRF Tier 1: Toward Secure and Privacy-Preserving Computing in Mobile Cloud


2014-2018 Project PI, Economic Development Board (EDB) Grant: Development of NTU/ NXP- Intelligent Transport Systems Test-Bed (V2X-RP4: Security enhanced technologies for IEEE 802.11p)


2014-2015 PI, MINDEF-NTU-JPP: Privacy-preserving Location-based Service Query: An Auxiliary Approach for Protecting Army Safety in the Era of Ubiquitous Computing


2014-2015 PI, AOARD: Secure Data Aggregation Protocol for M2M Communications


2014-2016 PI, MOE AcRF Tier 1: Provably-Secure Proxy Re-Encryption: Analysis, Design and Application in Cloud Computing


2013-2016 PI, NTU Start-Up Grant: Cyber-Physical Security and Privacy Support to Enhance Smart Grid Communications