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an exploration to the future of secure and privacy systems ...



Date Speaker Title Slide
2015-03-31 Hao Hu A Trust Evaluation Framework in Distributed Networks
2015-03-17 Beibei Li A Method for Modeling and Evaluation of the Security of Cyber-physical Systems
2015-03-10 Hao Hu On-Off Attack in WSN and Mitigations
2015-03-03 Guoming Wang Problems with Differential Privacy
2015-02-24 Beibei Li Euler Integral Cont'd
2015-02-17 Hao Hu Beta reputation Systems
2015-02-10 Guoming Wang Differentially Private Time-Series Queries
2015-02-03 Beibei Li Behavior-Rule Based Intrusion Detection Systems for Safety Critical Smart Grid Applications
2015-01-27 Guoming Wang Local Sensitivity and Smooth Sensitivity
2015-01-27 Hao Hu An Iterative Algorithm for Truest and Reputation Management
2015-01-20 Guoming Wang Practical issues for Differential Privacy
2014-07-25 Ruilong Deng Security Issues in SCADA Networks
2014-07-18 Guoming Wang Sybil Attack via Social Networks
2014-06-06 Haiyong Bao Privacy-Enhanced Data Aggregation Scheme Against Internal Attackers in Smart Grid
2014-05-23 Chen Li Homomorphic MAC
2014-05-23 Ximeng Liu An Efficient and Probabilistic Secure Bit-Decomposition
2014-05-16 Chen Li Secure E-Voting
2014-05-09 Ximeng Liu k-Nearest Neighbor Classi cation over Semantically Secure Encrypted Relational Data
2014-05-02 Ximeng Liu Privacy-Preserving Computation of Disease Risk by Using Genomic, Clinical, and Environmental Data
2014-01-29 Ruoyu Li Game Theory and Cryptography
2014-01-29 Guoming Wang Patterns And A Generative Model
2014-01-24 Ximeng Liu Privacy-Preserving K-means Clustering over Vertically Partitioned Data
2014-01-17 Qianqian Zhao The user accountability/traitor tracing in attribute based encryption
2014-01-17 Guoming Wang OSCAR: A Collaborative Bandwidth Aggregation System
2014-01-17 Chen Li Fast polynomials multiplication using FFT
2014-01-10 Xing Zhang Public key encryption system based on T-shaped neighborhood layered cellular automata
2014-01-10 Chen Li Multikey homomorphic encryption from ntru
2013-12-28 Le Chen SEPIA: Privacy-Preserving Aggregation of Multi-Domain Network Events and Statistics
2013-12-07 Ximeng Liu Privacy Preserving Association Rule Mining in Vertically Partitioned Data
2013-11-30 Ximeng Liu M- tree: an efficient access method for similarity search in metric spaces
2013-11-23 Ximeng Liu Efficient Processing of Metric Skyline Queries
2013-11-16 Xing Zhang Two Encryption Algorithms based on Layered Cellular Automata
2013-11-09 Chen Li Public-Key Encryption Based on LWE
2013-11-02 Chen Li Public-Key Encryption Based on LPN
2013-11-02 Ximeng Liu Policy-based Signature
2013-10-26 Le Chen Differentially Private Aggregation II
2013-10-19 Ximeng Liu Collaborative Filtering Recommendation
2013-10-19 Le Chen Differentially Private Aggregation
2013-10-12 Ximeng Liu Big Data Privacy Issues in Public Social Media
2013-10-12 Le Chen Privacy-preserving Aggregation
2013-10-05 Ximeng Liu Social-Network Sourced Analytics & Privacy in the Age of Big Data
2013-10-05 Le Chen Differential Privacy
2013-09-28 Ximeng Liu The Big Data Security Analytics Era Is Here
2013-09-28 Chen Li How to use linearly homomorphic signature in network coding
2013-09-28 Le Chen Privacy-friendly Aggregation for the Smart Grid
2013-09-21 Ximeng Liu Big Data, Big Commerce, Big Challenge
2013-09-21 Chen Li Homomorphic Signature for Network Coding
2013-09-21 Le Chen Paillier Encryption and its Application in Aggregation and Billing with Smart Meters