The 6th Atlantic Workshop on Semantics and Services

(AWoSS 2015)


December 9, 2015

9:30am 4:30pm


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Room ITC-317

Faculty of Computer Science

University of New Brunswick

550 Windsor Street

Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada


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Opening Remarks 9:30 9:40


Session 1: (Dal 1|Medical) 9:40 10:20

Self-Management Programs in Smart Environments: A Knowledge-Driven Approach

A Semantic Web-based Approach to Plausible Reasoning for Improving Clinical Knowledge Engineering


Break 1 10:20 10:30


Session 2: (Dal 2|Medical) 10:30 11:30

Performing Data Analytics Using Semantic Web Methods

Interlinking Datasets to LOD cloud using Interlinking Tools: a Medical case study

Mobile Semantic Reasoning Benchmarks using OWL2 RL


Break 2 11:30 11:40


Session 3: (UNBF 1|Similarity) 11:40 12:20

Computational Experiments in Weighted-Tree Similarity

A Healthcare Use Case of Attributed Generalized Tree Similarity


Lunch 12:20-1:10


Session 4: (UNBSJ|SADI) 1:10 1:50

- Self-service Life Science Data Federation with HYDRA query tool

- Automated Generation of SADI Web Services for Clinical Intelligence using Rule-Based Semantic Mappings


Break 3 1:50 2:00


Session 5: (UNBF 2|OWL/RIF) 2:00 3:00

- The OWL Reasoner Evaluation Competition and WSReasoner

- Toward Intensional Description Logics for Context-Aware Applications

- A Framework for Exchanging and Processing Logical Rules in Multiple Languages


Break 4 3:00 3:10


Session 6: (UNBF 3|RuleML) 3:10 4:30

- The Integrated PSOA RuleML for Interoperating SQL Relations and SPARQL Graphs

- The PSOATransRun 1.0 System for Object-Relational Reasoning in RuleML

-  Grailog KS Viz 2.0: Graph-Logic Knowledge Visualization by XML-Based Translation

- Translating FOL RuleML 1.01/XML to TPTP with XSLT 2.0


Closing Remarks 4:30