Stephen Cole Kleene

Ph.D. Princeton University 1934

His work on recursion theory helped to provide the foundations of theoretical computer science.


Weichang Du

Ph.D. University of Victoria 1991


William Wilfred Wadge

Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley 1983

Wadge Degrees (Topology)


John West Addison, Jr.

Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison 1955

Former chair of Department of Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley



Alonzo Church

Ph.D. Princeton University 1927

Church's Theorem , Church's Thesis, and The Calculi of Lambda-Conversion established the foundations of theoretical computer science.



Alan M. Turing

Ph.D. Princeton University 1938

Founder of Computer Science. (Computability)

The Turing machine,

Computing machinery and intelligence


Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

Dr. jur. Universität Altdorf 1666

Co-founder of the calculus with Newton



Simeon Denis Poisson

Ph.D. École Polytechnique 1800

Poisson distribution






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