Creating a Skype for Business Meeting Room

Rather than using Skype Personal Edition to do faculty video conferencing calls, UNB now offers a online version of Skype for Business. This creates a link that you can e-mail around and anyone who click on that link, and installs the associated plugin, will be able to join in on the Skype video conference call. You start off by loging into the Skype Online Scheduler:

Screenshot of the Skype for Business Online Scheduler

Once you have logged in, you can enter the specifics about the meeting. Now don't worry, your UNB credentials are not associated with this meeting, so people using the link will not have access to any of your UNB information. The username of the account is embedded in the link as a method of generating a unique identifier for the meeting and that is it. The fields for the meeting are:

This is the name of the event. People will see this when they join into the Skype room.

Has no bearing on the Skype room itself, but if you fill it in people how are local can see what physical room is hosting the Skype meeting.

You can enter a short message (340 characters) here. If you use the automated mailer, people will see the message.

Attendees and Audio:
Enter the people who you wish to attend the meeting. You can enter the names of people at UNB (then click the Check Names button) or the email access of people outside of UNB. Not sure what this feature does as it does not appear to send out an invitation email automatically.

Start Time:
The date and time the meeting is meant to start.

End Time:
The time the meeting is meant to end. This does not mean that the Skype room will close once the time has been reached. If you run over, it will not kick you out.

Time Zone:
The geographical time zone the meeting takes place in. Set this first as it resets the start and end times.

Who will bypass the lobby:
This allows people to directly join into the Skype room. Leave it at "Everyone including people outside my company" unless you have a solid reason to make people enter into the lobby first.

People dialing in by phone will bypass the lobby:
If you know people will be connecting to the Skype room via phone, check this box.

Who is a presenter?:
This field dictates who can share their screen.

Once you have filled in all of the fields you will see a new box pop-up, shown below, with the link to your Skype Meeting. Simply copy that link and email it to all people involved.

Screenshot of the Skype for Business Online Scheduler Meeting Information Pop-up