Recommended Hardware

You are not required to bring a laptop or desktop to complete the Computer Science program here at UNB. All required software is provided through our student lab space. However, if you do wish to bring your own machine, a laptop is recommended and it should meet the following requirements:


  • i5 or greater CPU
  • 8 Gigs of RAM
  • 15" display


  • Linux. MacOS, or Windows
  • Oracle JAVA SDK
    (Assistance with the installation of Java is provided during the first weeks of the fall and winter semester)

The labs have a more extensive list as there is some software we cannot deploy to personal devices. There is also a shift around your 3rd year to C, Python, and other languages which are easier to get on Linux than Windows or MacOS, but any operating system can still be used.

Finally, Microsoft Office is recommended and you can get that for free once you start as a student.