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7.1 Web Application Exports

7 Web Application Scheme🔗

 #lang plai/web package: plai-lib

The Web Application Scheme language allows you to write server-side Web applications for the PLT Web Server.

For more information about writing Web applications, see: Web Applications in Racket.

When you click on the Run button in DrRacket, your Web application is launched in the Web server.

The application is available at http://localhost:8000/servlets/standalone.rkt.

The Web Application Scheme language will automatically load this URL in your Web browser.

You may use no-web-browser to prevent the browser from being launched and static-files-path to serve additional static files.

7.1 Web Application Exports🔗

A Web application must define a procedure start:


(start initial-request)  response?

  initial-request : request?
The initial request to a Web application is serviced by this procedure.