Thomas Hall (PhD)
  • PhD in Computer Science, 2006-current
    University of New Brunswick, Canada
  • Master of Computer Science, 2005
    University of New Brunswick, Canada
  • Bachelor of Science, 1996
    Brock university, Canada


Research Topic: Parallel systems, Algorithms and Data Structures for Engineering Applications


Thesis Research:
A Hardware/Software Co-specification Methodology for Multiple Processor Custom Hardware Devices Based On OpenMP
PhD -Currently, I am working on the development of a hardware/software co-specification methodology based on the OpenMP parallel programming specification and API. The target platforms are MPSoC and FPGA devices with embedded processors and custom hardware circuitry. The methodology is supported by a tool set that provides analysis utilities to aid in the design of a system.
MCS -Hardware/software co-design techniques have been used to create a virtual machine design that supports single-threaded applications with better performance than a software only implementation of the same virtual machine. The research for this thesis involves the extension of this design to support thread-level parallel execution of virtual machine application threads by treating the hardware and software partitions of the virtual machine as distinct, cooperating systems. It is believed that thread-level parallelism will provide better performance than the current single-threaded design. A version of the Java Virtual Machine is currently under construction using this parallel design for evaluation.

Thesis Supervisor(s):
Ken Kent