Timothy Beatty
  • Masters of Computer Science, 2006 - 2008.
    University of New Brunswick, Canada
  • Bachelor of Computer Science, 2006
    University of New Brunswick, Canada


Research Topic: Compilers, Hardware Description Languages, Parallel Computing

Thesis Research:
Improving an OpenMP-based Circuit Design Tool
As transistor density grows, increasingly complex hardware designs may be implemented. In order to manage this complexity, hardware design must be performed at a higher level of abstraction. High level synthesis enables the automatic conversion of algorithms into hardware implementations, abstracting away the underlying complexities of hardware from the designer. A number of high level synthesis tools have recently been developed, including an OpenMP to Handel-C translator. Improvements to the translator, including a new compiler directive allowing customizable register width, are described. A set of benchmark tests show a decrease in circuit size and increase in performance when the new compiler directive is used.

E-mail: tim.beatty@unb.ca

Thesis Supervisor(s):
Eric Aubanel and Ken Kent