CS 6905 Semantic Web Techniques

Project 2: Visualizing and Running an XML-based Taxonomy


Consider the "Taxonomic RuleML Extension in XML" (http://www.dfki.uni-kl.de/ruleml/insub ) and its use for the "XML-based Taxonomy OntoTherm for Heating Design" (http://www.dfki.uni-kl.de/~boley/ontotherm/ ). Use OntoTherm as a blueprint to construct your own XML-based taxonomy, e.g. about music, sports, business, or any other subfield of your knowledge with at least 50 classes. Use one XSLT stylesheet of the OntoTherm page to generate an RDFS version from your XML repository. Visualize your RDFS taxonomy via FRODO RDFSViz, which may lead to revisions in your original XML design. Use another XSLT stylesheet of that page to generate normal, unextended RuleML rules from your XML taxonomy. Add some RuleML facts applying classes, as unary predicates, to individual constants, for a possible music taxonomy marking up, e.g., classic-period(mozart). Read the RuleML into j-DREW and run at least one query (top-down or bottom-up, as appropriate) that 'traverses' the entire taxonomy. Extend/refine your taxonomy by another 10 classes and re-generate both RDFS/GIF and normal RuleML via the two XSLT stylesheets. Document and discuss all your results; indicate possible extensions. Invent a good name for your taxonomy 'product'.


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