CS 6905 Semantic Web Techniques



Choose one other person in the class as a partner. All work is to be done in groups of two unless otherwise approved.  By Oct 29 please select your partner and your first, second and third choice of possible projects from the list below.  We will allocate according to all preferences and will give the assigned topics on Oct 31 or before. 

The project will consist of a written report and a class presentation in which both partners will participate equally.  Each project asks you to consider a tool or system to solve a problem, and to apply it to a specific problem or task.  It may ask you to extend the range of the tool.

Please answer the following questions in your write up: What problem area does the tool address?  Exactly what does the tool do? What are the characteristics of an ideal solution to problems in this area?  Does the tool offer an effective solution to such problems?  Why and why not?  Did the tool help you solve your chosen problem/task? What other tools might have applied? What other work and ideas in the area are relevant? What extensions to the tool might be worth considering?  In addition follow the specific documentation hints in the description for your selected project.

The written report shall be between 2500 and 5000 words. It will be assessed according to these criteria:  quality of the work, effectiveness of the use of the tool, clarity of the ideas presented, quality of the writing (grammar, spelling, organization, formatting, references), ability to look beyond the tool and to discuss the problem and tool extensions.

What you present is class, and the format you use, are up to you and your partner.  Each project will have up to 20 minutes of presentation followed by up to 10 minutes of questions from the audience and discussion.  Please prepare a one-page handout for your audience that contains just the main points of your presentation – something we can read later to remind ourselves of the ideas presented, and perhaps present them over a coffee to our colleagues.  It will be more effective if it clearly presents just the main ideas, and not every detail and nuance.

Weighting: Written 60%, Presentation 30%, Handout 10%.  Team members will receive the same mark for the written report and handout, but not necessarily for the presentation.

Project 1 Modelling Semantic Search in j-DREW

Project 2 Project "Visualizing and Running an XML-based Taxonomy

Project 3 Translating Between Subsets of RuleML and Jess

Project 4 Mapping RuleML Transformation Rules to Standard ML

Project 5 RACSA and j-DREW BU

Project 6 Built-ins in j-DREW BU

Another topic of your choosing, to be approved.




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