John M. DeDourek
BS, MS(Case Western)
Professor Emeritus
Honorary Research Associate

Office Hours

My office hours are posted on my web site here.

Research Activities

As a Professor Emeritus, I will occasionally co-supervise graduate students. I also serve on thesis reading committees.

I still occasionally conduct some research. My current research is focussed on data networks. I am interested in the newer wireless networks as well as the more traditional wired (and fiber) networks. In particular, I have interests in network performance, particularly for real time flows such as audio and video. Performance requires network measurement and monitoring, and time synchronization. I also have some interests in network monitoring for security purposes. Currently, I am looking also at the impending migration to IPv6, the next generation of Internet Protocol.

I am interested the use of 3D Virtual Worlds in a teaching environment. This is based on the Open Simulator Project, an attempt to produce an open source implementation of a Virtual World, similar to the Second Life Virtual World, as implemented by Linden Labs.

Past research involves programming languages and compilers.

Other Interests

I am also interested in operating systems, particularly Linux, programming methodologies, development support tools (eg. source code control systems and integrated development environments), and D modeling and printing.

Come and talk to me if you wish to discuss topics within my research areas or other interests, particularly if you have questions that I may be able to answer. I regularly post office hours.

Administrative Responsibilities

As a retired professor, I have no administrative responsibilities.

Teaching Activities

Being now retired, I normally do not teach courses. I may occasionally teach a course to meet our faculty's requirements.

Useful Links

Here are my useful links.

Personal Information

Here is some personal information.

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