Account Request Instructions and Responsibilities

The Faculty of Computer Science manages its own network authentication. If you are enrolled in or taking a course with the Faculty of Computers Science, you likely already have an account on the Computer Science network. If you are having trouble logging in, make sure to reset your CS password first and if you continue having issues see the System Support Division (see main help page).

Before you fill out the webform, make sure that you take a moment and read through the Responsibilities, Acceptible Use Policy, and Consequences sections.


These laboratories are owned by the Faculty of Computer Science, University of New Brunswick, and have been established through a great deal of time, energy, and expense to allow for instruction and research in Computer Science. By giving you access to these laboratories, you inherit the following responsibilities:

  • Authorization is assigned to one person, and one person only. Do not give, lend, or otherwise share this resource or your authorization may be revoked.
  • If you suspect that someone is using your access, e.g. by having acquired a copy of your UCard or login information, notify the Faculty of Computer Science administration at once. The authorization can be disabled and a temporary one assigned for your own protection.

In addition to the above stated responsibilities, you are also bound to the University of New Brunswick's Acceptible Use Policy for Information Technology equipment. A copy of this policy can be found here:

UNB IT Acceptible Use Policy (PDF)

Consequences of Irresponsible Behavior

Anyone failing to act responsibly, as defined above, will have their access to these laboratories disabled. The University may also take other actions as deemed appropriate.

Account Request Instructions

Before filling out this form, make sure you have your UCard handy.
Account Request Web Form

Once your account has been authorized and created, you will need to use the CS Password Reset Tool to reset your password to match your UNB account or if you are not a student or employee of UNB then you will have to visit the System Support Division (see main help page) to set your password.