Lab Access Instructions and Responsibilities

The Faculty of Computer Science's labs are controlled by an access control system with card readers located in the hallway outside each lab door. Based upon course enrollment, you may automatically get access to certain labs. Other labs will require you to explicitly request access by completing the online form. Before you fill out the webform, make sure that you take a moment and read through the Responsibilities, Acceptible Use Policy, and Consequences sections.


These laboratories are owned by the Faculty of Computer Science, University of New Brunswick, and have been established through a great deal of time, energy, and expense to allow for instruction and research in Computer Science. By giving you access to these laboratories, you inherit the following responsibilities:

  • Authorization is assigned to one person, and one person only. Do not give, lend, or otherwise share this resource or your authorization may be revoked.
  • If you suspect that someone is using your access, e.g. by having acquired a copy of your UCard or login information, notify the Faculty of Computer Science administration at once. The authorization can be disabled and a temporary one assigned for your own protection.
  • Do not allow anyone besides yourself into the lab. Everyone who should be allowed into the lab will be issued an access authorization for this purpose. This means that you must resist the temptation to allow someone into the lab who knocks on the door. Please do not let someone into the lab who knocks on the door.
  • Prevent tailgating; i.e. when two or more people want to enter the laboratory at the same time, it is imperative that each individual use their own Student ID card to gain access, and enter separately. You are responsible for laboratory equipment when you are in the lab.
  • Do not block open the door of the lab for any purpose. This immediately violates the proper functioning of the access control system.
  • If you loose your UCard, you must go to the UCard Office in the Student Union Building to acquire a new one.
  • Please report any missing equipment, documentation or any damage noticed in any of the labs to the Faculty of Computer Science or to UNB Security as soon as possible.

In addition to the above stated responsibilities, you are also bound to the University of New Brunswick's Acceptible Use Policy for Information Technology equipment. A copy of this policy can be found here:

UNB IT Acceptible Use Policy (PDF)

Consequences of Irresponsible Behavior

Anyone failing to act responsibly, as defined above, will have their access to these laboratories disabled. The University may also take other actions as deemed appropriate.

Lab Access Instructions

Before filling out this form, make sure you have your UCard handy. If you are not enrolled in or taking a course from the Faculty of Computer Science, you may have to visit one of the offices of the System Support Division (see main help page) after your request has been approved to complete the activation of your door access request.

Door Access Web Form

Once your access if approved, to gain access to a lab you swipe your UCard through the card reader, at a reasonable speed, while holding the top of the card. The card reader reads the magnetic strip, so be sure to point the side with the strip towards the red LED on the reader as illustrated below. If you have authorization to enter the red light on the reader will turn green and this will disable the magnetic lock on the door (for a period of about 3 seconds) to allow entry.

by this picture of how to use the magnetic stripe