FCS Lab Access Request Form

Please Note: If you're not affiliated with Computer Science or Engineering, your card will need to be manually activated.
Please stop by the offices of GC128A, GC128B or GC129 after your request is approved.

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CC110 CC111 GC112 GC127a GD120 GD124a
GE113 GE122 GE123 GE124 GE124a GE124b
GE125 GE125b GE126 GE128 GE131 GE134
GE135 GE136 GE138 H114 H117 H129
H212 H213 ITB205 ITB213 ITB214 ITB215
ITB216 ITB217 ITB222 ITB223 ITC314 ITC315

Note: Any questions can be addressed to the FCS System Support Division fcsssd-l@unb.ca