Weichang Du, B.Sc.(Beijing U of Technology/China), M.SC.,Ph.D.(U of Vic)

Room: ID422
Phone: (506) 451 6972
Email: wdu@unb.ca
Personal Webpage: http://www.cs.unb.ca/~wdu

Research Interests:
  • Software Engineering
  • Knowledge Engineering
  • Programming Languages and Systems
  • Services and Cloud Computing
  • Big Data Analytics Software

Dr. Weichang Du has worked with the Faculty of Computer Science at UNB for the past 19 years. He received this Master’s and PhD in Computer Science from the University of Victoria. He is also a professional engineer in software engineering. His current research activities include software-knowledge co-engineering, context-aware distributed knowledge systems and applications, analytics software for business big data, and service-oriented software pattern implementation.