Spring/Summer Orientation, Advising and Registration 2022

Welcome to the UNB Faculty of Computer Science! If you are beginning your studies in one of our undergraduate degree programs in 2022, or you are a parent/supporter of an incoming student, this page will provide some Faculty-specific information with regards to Spring/Summer Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR).

UNB Fredericton is hosting an on-campus SOAR event on Saturday, May 28, 2022 to help you prepare for all aspects of student life at UNB. This event is open to all incoming undergraduate students and their parents/supporters. Information about this campus-wide SOAR event can be found here: unb.ca/soar-fr

If you are unable to come to the UNB Fredericton campus on May 28th to attend the in-person SOAR event, please don't worry! Refer to this page and watch your UNB email for more information that will help you prepare for the start of the school year in September.

Information for Parents & Supporters

We'd like to begin by sharing with you this welcome video from our Dean (recorded in 2020):

General information can be found here: InfoForParents_SOAR_2022.pdf

If you are a parent or supporter of a student in the Faculty of Computer Science and you are interested in having copies of our news and events notices sent to you by e-mail, please sign up here: https://www.cs.unb.ca/soar-email-signup

Information for New Students

We'd like to share with you these welcome videos from our Dean and past peer mentors (recorded in 2020):

Been admitted? Here are the next steps: https://www.unb.ca/admissions/applying-to-unb/been-admitted-next-steps.html

Videos to help guide you through the steps to activate your UNB IT services and set up multi-factor authentication can be found here: https://www.unb.ca/fredericton/new-students/soar/checklist.html

We are planning special Faculty Orientation events for September 5 & 6, 2022. We hope you will join us! Check back here later in the summer for more information about Fall Orientation.

Course Selection & Registration:

  • General information about Online Registration at UNB (& a link to the Online Registration system), can be found here:
    However, you should NOT attempt to register for courses without first speaking with an Academic Advisor. Please see the information below for specific advising & registration information based on your program of study.
  • Students in the Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS), concurrent BA/BCS, concurrent BCS/BSc and Certificate in Software Development programs:
    • For students who do not attend the on-campus SOAR event, advising will be done via email. This will not commence until after the UNB Fredericton SOAR event on May 28.
    • After you have activated your UNB IT services, please email fcsadvising@unb.ca from your UNB email account. You will then be connected with one of our first-year academic advisors who will guide you through the course selection & registration process.
    • Once you have registered for your MATH & CS courses, your academic advisor will then discuss breadth electives with you. When selecting your breadth electives, the following resources will be helpful:
      • Your own class schedule: A nicely-formatted view of your class schedule (for Fall 2022 & Winter 2023) is available via the UNB Intranet: unbcloud.sharepoint.com (Select "Services & Information for Students". Scroll down and you will see a "My Personal Class Schedule" link.)
      • This summary of first-year and second-year electives from the Faculty of Arts (arranged by term, day & time): ArtsElectives2022-23.pdf
      • This summary of select first-year and second-year electives from outside of the Faculty of Arts (arranged by term, day & time): NonArtsElectives2022-23.pdf
      • The official UNB Online Timetable: http://es.unb.ca/apps/timetable
    • Note: Note: After you have registered for all of your 2022-2023 courses, please do not make any changes unless you first check with an academic advisor.
  • Students in the Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering (BSSWE) program:
    • Most new incoming BSSWE students will be automatically block- registered in all Fall 2022 and some Winter 2023 courses. So, at this time, you will not need to register for courses using the online registration system. However, if you have any questions or concerns about your courses, program requirements, etc., please don't hesitate to reach out. Email fcsadvising@unb.ca to be connected with an academic advisor.
    • Important notes:
      • To be block-registered in your classes, you must first confirm that you will be attending UNB by accepting your offer of admission; information on how to do that can be found here: https://www.unb.ca/admissions/applying-to-unb/been-admitted-next-steps.html
      • If you are a degree holder or a transfer student, block registration will likely not work for you. Instead, you should discuss your specific course selections with an academic advisor; please email fcsadvising@unb.ca to be connected with an advisor for the BSSWE program.