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I am currently making a shared library out of some existing C code, for eventual inclusion in Debian. Because the author wasn't thinking about things like ABIs and APIs, the code is not too careful about what symbols it exports, and I decided clean up some of the more obviously private symbols exported.

I wrote the following simple script because I got tired of running grep by hand. If you run it with

 grep-symbols symbolfile  *.c

It will print the symbols sorted by how many times they occur in the other arguments.

use strict;
use File::Slurp;

my $symfile=shift(@ARGV);

open SYMBOLS, "<$symfile" || die "$!";
# "parse" the symbols file
my %count=();
# skip first line;

# check the rest of the command line arguments for matches against symbols. Omega(n^2), sigh.
foreach my $file (@ARGV){
  my $string=read_file($file);
  foreach my $sym (keys %count){
    if ($string =~ m/\b$sym\b/){

print "Symbol\t Count\n";
foreach my $sym (sort {$count{$a} <=> $count{$b}} (keys %count)){
  print "$sym\t$count{$sym}\n";