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Recent changes to this wiki:

first set of dynamic programming slides
recursion slides
update examples
simplify/fix solution
reconstruct A5
borrow questions from A6
union find slides
sequence of PBM extensions
fix from class
first set of file slides
drop jrefs from web page
add links and new examples
more I/O examples
examples for File I/O slides
finalize time for cs3383 exam
add a substitution question
reformat solutions
drop question already used
drop old DP solutions for now. Restore practice questions
exceptions slides
examples for exceptions lecture
capitalize Huffman
use copyright purged version
update slide cover page
first set of greedy slides
revive assignment 4
drop requirement to use induction
new / updated examples
fix typo
add precautionary n\geq 2 everywhere
Display equations
use subscripts
use more fractions
fix third part. more notation.
induction doesn't work for previous third part
uncomment for proofreading
slides on sorting
new example
lecture notes on searching
fix formatting of bubble sort
update selection sort
comment out assignment
not ready to publish
start to construct A3
update slides
substitution method slides
polymorphism via inheritence
examples for todays lecture
update slides for week3
update slides for week3
new example
re-order points
fix date
update / post assignment 2
week 3 part 1 for 1083
second set of divide and conquer slides
fix url
fix typo
fix typo
update q3
WIP updated A1
add CASA lunch to schedule
add full fingerprint
update 1083 slides
add grad student meetings
add cs2999 (again?)
add office hours
sync examples with slides
simplified bitmap example
mark cs2999
start divide and conquer
new example file
add Barry's seminar to schedule
add DoW
make a printable version for the syllabus
add note about library reserves
fix date
update cs2999 outline
simplify landing page
slides for unit 0
update lectures summary page
slides from week1
remove obsolete files
remote stray file
drop old lectures
update copyright year
add link to syllabus
initial syllabus, from eric
fix lab time
Two more examples
creating tag page tags/java/alias
Two more java examples
second example, with arrays
motivating example for arrays
remove old file
try to sort out java examples