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What is it?

I was a bit daunted by the number of mails from people signing my gpg keys at debconf, so I wrote a script to mass process them. The workflow, for those of you using notmuch is as follows:

$ notmuch show --format=mbox tag:keysign > sigs.mbox
$ ffac sigs.mbox

where previously I have tagged keysigning emails as "keysign" if I want to import them. You also need to run gpg-agent, since I was too lazy/scared to deal with passphrases.

This will import them into a keyring in ~/.ffac; uploading is still manual using something like

$ gpg --homedir=$HOME/.ffac --send-keys $keyid 

UPDATE Before you upload all of those shiny signatures, you might want to use the included script fetch-sig-keys to add the corresponding keys to the temporary keyring in ~/.ffac. After

$ fetch-sig-keys $keyid


$ gpg --homedir ~/.ffac --list-sigs $keyid  

should have a UID associated with each signature.

How do I use it

At the moment this is has been tested once or twice by one person. More testing would be great, but be warned this is pre-release software until you can install it with apt-get.

I have a patched version of the debian package that I could make available if there was interest.


2011/07/29 libmail-gnupg-perl in Debian supports gpg-agent for some time now.